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The Rickshaw is made to cycle with up to three people. The driver can carry two adults or children who can enjoy a friendly ride in nature or in the city. The driver sits behind the cockpit and has a good view of the road and the passengers.
This e-bike is a user-friendly mobility solution for people with reduced mobility, but also for adults and children wishing to ride together to the park, the coast, the zoo, and so on. It is also a unique means of transportation for your events, wedding, or team-buildings.
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The Rickshaw gives people the opportunity to talk to each other, to discuss, to exchange. It is conducive to confidences, friendly and inter-generational moments.
The electric motor provides comfortable pedaling assistance and allows you to reverse too! The Rickshaw can be equipped with a canopy to protect you from rain or sun. And good cushions complete this comfort.
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