General terms and conditions of sale and maintenance

ARTICLE I. VANELO Concept srl (company number 0763.805.120), hereinafter VANELO, whose registered office is located at rue Washington 86, 1050 Brussels, is a company that sells electric bicycles and non-electric bicycles. ARTICLE II. Unless expressly agreed in writing between the parties, the relations between VANELO and its customers are subject to the present general terms and conditions of sale and maintenance, which are deemed to be accepted by the customer, including in the event that they are in contradiction with its own general or particular conditions of purchase. The adhesion of VANELO to the general or particular conditions of the customer will not be able to in no way be deduced from the circumstance that VANELO would have accepted an order or a delivery without protesting against the stipulations which would refer to the general or particular conditions of the customer. The fact for the customer not to have received the present general conditions in his mother tongue does not exempt him from their application. The general conditions and the Internet site of VANELO (, as well as its contents, although they can be consulted worldwide, were written and formatted exclusively for the customers located in Belgium. The other customers located abroad must be conscious of the fact that certain clauses of the general conditions can not be applicable to them, without invalidating the totality of these general conditions. The fact of placing an order on line on the aforementioned Web site constitutes a formal acceptance of the general conditions of sales of VANELO. ARTICLE III. VANELO has several websites (;;;; to promote its bikes. VANELO cannot guarantee that each item presented is available at the moment a visitor would have seen it. The prices indicated for each product presented are the prices offered in the VANELO showroom located at Drohme Park, Ch de La Hulpe 53A, 1180 Brussels. These prices can nevertheless be modified at any time without VANELO being obliged to inform its customers. The descriptions (photos and texts) have for only objective to help the Internet users to make their choice among the proposed articles. They will not be able to be opposable if one or more errors would have been made at the time of their redactions. ARTICLE IV. All the products we offer are covered by a guarantee against any manufacturing defect. The duration of this legal guarantee is 2 years. We draw your attention to the fact that this legal guarantee only covers defects in the conformity of the material ordered and not wear and tear, which more particularly concerns certain parts such as tyres or brake pads for example. The warranty does not cover defects inherent to the normal life of the product, such as a discharged battery that can be replaced by the customer(s). Some parts or accessories may be covered by longer warranties if the manufacturers of these products have offered this in their own terms and conditions. The warranty does not cover improper operation or transformation of the product or lack of maintenance (e.g., failure to maintain the brakes). ARTICLE V. In order to allow a serious and regular follow-up of our VANELO by VANRAAM bicycles, VANELO offers the possibility to subscribe to different maintenance contracts (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum and Omnium) carried out at the home of the customers who buy VANELO by VANRAAM bicycles, against payment of monthly premiums. Details of the services covered and the premiums for each contract can be found at / All packages are concluded for a period of one year and are renewed a maximum of 3 times by tacit agreement for consecutive periods of one year. After 4 years, we will terminate the contract. The customers who subscribed to a contract of maintenance can besides cancel these contracts at each annual expiry; for that they must inform VANELO at least 3 months before the expiry date of your contract by registered letter or by email with acknowledgement of delivery or handing-over of letter of cancellation against receipt. The maintenance packs must be paid per month The payments of the premiums are carried out monthly by bank transfer. A reminder will be sent to you by e-mail and text message in case of delay. If the premium payment is still not made within 7 working days of the reminder being sent, this will result in the immediate termination of the maintenance contract. ARTICLE VI. If you believe that an item purchased from us has a manufacturing defect or a lack of conformity with the order, you must first contact us by e-mail or telephone to explain the problem and see if the legal guarantee applies. In any case, the part will be sent by us to the manufacturer or distributor for examination. If the guarantee for this part is applicable due to a manufacturing defect or a lack of conformity with the order, we will pay the cost of returning this part to you, repaired or exchanged. The acceptance or the refusal of a guarantee by VANELO will be the consequence of the decision of the manufacturer or the distributor to make use or not of a guarantee. ARTICLE VII. The customer will benefit from a free telephone support. (0475/79.56.35 - Monday and Tuesday by appointment, Wednesday to Friday from 12:00AM to 07:00PM) VANELO invites its customers to consult first the manuals accompanying the product or to read the information concerning the product on the site of the manufacturer of the product in question. ARTICLE VIII. VANELO does not assume any responsibility for the losses or damage, of some nature that they are, that the customer or a third party could undergo following in particular the transport, the delivery, the deposit, the placement, the use or the operation of the delivered articles, insofar as these losses or damage would not result from a defect of conformity of the articles or a fault imputable to VANELO but of the fact of the customer or the third party (negligence, imprudence, non-respect of the instructions of assembly and/or use of the batteries, etc.) In a non-limitative way, are in particular aimed at the damage affecting the person of the purchaser or the thirds in contact with the delivered articles. ARTICLE IX. By the simple fact of placing an order with VANELO, whether it is by telephone, by order form, by its Internet site or via the showroom of Le Drohme, the customer expressly authorizes VANELO to proceed to the treatment of his personal data and to use them at ends of internal management of his company. By "internal management of the company", we understand the administration of the customers, the management of the orders, the deliveries, the invoicing, the services, the follow-up of the solvency, as well as the marketing and the personalized publicity. The customer will be able at any time to ask to consult, correct or remove the personal data that VANELO recorded about him by writing to the head office of VANELO. For further information, the customer is invited to address the public register updated by the Commission for the Protection of the Private Life. ARTICLE X. If any of the clauses of these terms and conditions should be declared void or unenforceable, the remaining clauses shall remain in full force and effect and that clause shall be enforceable to the extent permitted by law. ARTICLE XI. The parties accept, within the framework of their relations, the electronic means of proof. ARTICLE XII. Any dispute shall be exclusively governed by Belgian law and submitted to the sole courts of the judicial district of Nivelles, Belgium.

General terms and conditions of rental

These terms and conditions apply to all bike rentals organized by Vanelo Concept Srl, each rental being subject to a rental agreement with the renter,

The lessor, hereinafter referred to as "VC": Vanelo Concept SRL - contact details: Drohme Park - chaussée de la Hulpe 53A, 1180 Brussels - T. +32 475 79 56 35
The renter, hereinafter referred to as "LOC": the person who, based on the details of the rental agreement, rents a bicycle from the lessor.


VC reserves the right to assess the ability and suitability of participants to use a bicycle within the framework of its rental service. LOC declares that he/she is fit to ride a bicycle and has no medical contraindications.


The rented equipment (bicycle and accessories) remains the exclusive property of VC for the duration of the rental period. The RENTER may not lend or sublet the equipment to a third party without the consent of VC.

Article III.

Before concluding the rental contract with the Hirer, VC shall require the Hirer to identify himself/herself by presenting one or more valid identification documents (identity card, driver's license, etc.) and the Hirer's cell phone number; VC shall indicate the relevant information on the rental contract and take a digital photograph of the identification document used by the Hirer.


The RENTER acknowledges that he/she has taken out personal liability insurance covering his/her liability for the use of the said bicycle regarding both him/herself and third parties.


The RENTER acknowledges that the rented bicycle is in perfect working order and undertakes to use it with care, to provide for its maintenance, to return it at the end of the rental period in the same condition as when it was received, and to return it to the lessor on the dates and at the location specified in the contract. The condition, size and model of the rented bicycles are known by the Rental Firm.


VC reserves the right to charge the RENTER for any damage to the Bicycle during the rental period by retaining the security deposit and charging for any additional damage, which the RENTER hereby accepts (see Article VI).


If the rental period initially agreed upon is exceeded, a surcharge is due based on the hourly rate. The total amount of the surcharge will be deducted from the security deposit.


If the bike is lost, stolen or damaged, VC reserves the right to claim compensation from the renter in the amount of 1200€ for a Gravel or Moutain bike, 2200€ for a Pronex bike, 2900€ for an Oxford sx8 or Cube bike, 3200€ for an Oxford SX 13 bike, 3500€ for an Oxford Cargo or Moutain bike, 4300€, without prejudice to the conservation of the security deposit.


The Hirer undertakes to report any loss or theft of the bicycle or its accessories to the Hirer and to the police authorities within 24 hours.


If the RENTER contravenes the laws and regulations in force during the rental period, VC cannot be held responsible in any way. Cyclists ride under their own responsibility and agree to respect the rules of the road. The LOC is therefore responsible for any damage caused by the carelessness of the driver/user of the bicycles.


The rental of a bicycle is payable before the rental. On the spot, the hirer hands over an identity document. VC requires a security deposit of 300€ per rented bike, payable either in cash or by electronic deposit. The deposit will be returned in full (subject to articles VI, VII, VIII) once the inspection of the bike and the rented equipment has been completed.


In the event of any breakdown or incident, the RENTAL can contact VC by telephone. The RENTAL cannot take charge of the repair work and is obliged to return the bicycle to the point of departure. In no case will the renter be able to claim damages during the rental period.


The rental contract does not include any insurance; the LOC is responsible for any damage caused to the bicycles that are not insured against liability or damage in the event of an accident. Theft and loss of the equipment are not covered. In these cases, the LOC will be billed for the value of the equipment.


In case of cancellation: - more than 48 hours before the day and time of the rental, VC will reimburse 50% of the rental price - less than 48 hours before the rental date and time, the total amount of the rental price will be invoiced to LOC


All rented equipment must be returned at the time and on the day specified in the contract. In the event of late return, VC will charge LOC for each 24-hour period at the daily rental rate.