Vanelo Concept

Our company Vanelo Concept wants to contribute to a happier, more inclusive and sustainable society. The pandemic has taken away our families, our colleagues and isolated our seniors. We have the means to recreate these moments of happiness and conviviality with our loved ones or in our companies, in our cities and in our countryside.

Our core business is to offer a wide range of electric bikes and trikes adapted to the needs of people with reduced mobility or disabilities, allowing them to move around accompanied or alone, passively or actively if they wish.

Stroll in the city, in a park or in the countryside, hair in the wind and well accompanied... ! These moments of lightness and freedom outside are essential for our well-being, our mental and physical health, whatever our age or situation. As people with reduced mobility and their relatives are confronted with the challenges of mobility on a daily basis, our wish is to promote Vanelo solutions for all.

Moreover, our adapted electric bikes and trikes are for everyone, including those with reduced mobility, they are fun, easy to handle, safe and comfortable. This is why we can also offer sustainable solutions for mobility, inclusion, conviviality, leisure and transport to individuals, companies, institutions and public authorities (municipalities, cities, regions, tourist sector, hospitals, etc.).

Our philosophy

We are committed to living our values on a daily basis and in the internal organisation of Vanelo Concept.

We make it a point of honour to work with European manufacturers of adapted electric vehicles who have a sustainable and transparent charter.

Vanelo is a premium dealer for Van Raam and Backfiets. Our manufacturers are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Vanelo is committed to manufacturers that contribute to the long-term health, well-being and mobility of everyone. Their key sustainability goals are :
Source: Sustainable Developments Goals knowlegde platform
In the short term, we aim to reflect our values of inclusion in our human resources policy. We are also considering how to make our adapted electric vehicles more accessible to certain institutional actors. In addition, we are looking for a partnership with a non-profit organisation of volunteer cyclists to offer bike rides to isolated people.

Vanelo, a unique concept !

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Our mission

Mobility for happiness,
bringing people together
Easy Rider driewieler geeloranje mat

Our vision

Contribute to a happier, healthier and more inclusive society through soft and reliable mobility solutions for all generations, families, friends and colleagues
Van Raam VeloPlus rolstoelfiets samen fietsen

Our values

Inclusiveness, well-being, health,
conviviality, social impact, sustainable mobility, ecology