Rolstoelfiets OPair (22)
The OPair is a highly adaptable wheelchair bike that allows adults and children who cannot pedal because of their disability to enjoy a bike ride and a breath of fresh air.
The adapted seat is mounted at the front of the bike and the rider at the back has a good view of the road and the passenger.
With the divisible option, the seat can be easily detached from the bicycle and becomes a wheelchair in its own right.

The depth-adjustable seat can be adjusted to the measurements of the passenger, as well as the adjustable angle backrest and the extendable side backrests. The bike can be completely adapted with different options. It is even possible to mount your own seat or seat shell on the bike. The slightly inclined front wheels give the bike extra riding comfort and stability.
Rolstoelfiets OPair (5)
Rolstoelfiets OPair (8)
The electric motor provides comfortable pedaling assistance. It is linked to an app that allows you to view a lot of information about the battery and the bike remotely.

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