Balance lage instap fiets - Van Raam (3)
The Balance is a comfortable and particularly stable bike. Its specially designed low frame and the absence of a crossbar allow it to be straddled effortlessly. It offers a unique ergonomic seating position because of its slightly lower center of gravity.
The rider has more balance when stopped with both feet on the ground without having to get off the saddle.
Balance lage instap fiets - Van Raam (12)
The position of the saddle allows for optimal pedaling and more use of your leg strength than with a conventional bike. Your shoulders, neck and wrists are barely used when you pedal. Cycling has never been easier, more comfortable and safer.
The electric motor provides comfortable pedaling assistance. It is linked to an app which allows you to view many information about the battery and the bike remotely. For instance, you can use the app to view bike routes and see where your bike is parked.
Balance lage instap fiets - Van Raam (3)

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