Husky tricycle 3
The Husky tricycle is specially designed for young children who have difficulties with stability. This cheerful, light-running tricycle has a specially designed bottom bracket, making it possible for a child to pedal downwards. This therapy tricycle is equipped with a fixed gear. The crank includes standard crank shorteners. It is not possible to use an electric engine for power assist on the Husky.
In addition, there are several options on this children's tricycle, such as back and foot fixations, continuous handlebars, a push handle and etc. The Husky cannot be equipped with electric pedal assistance. The standard colors are yellow for the frame, red for the mud guards, and blue for the chain cover. Others colors are available in option. The tricycle can be equipped with several accessories adapted to your mobility and to optimize your safety.
Weight :
11 kg
Standard colors :
yellow / red / blue
Inside leg length :
35 - 47 cm
Boarding height :
12 cm
Frame size :
23 cm
Warranty :
2 years, excluding parts subject to wear and tear and current consumption.
Max. length :
98 cm
Max. width :
59 cm
Wheel size front :
Wheel size back :
Caliper front brakes
Parking brake :
354-0000: included
Safety belt :
354-4280: 59€ VAT excluded
Foot/side fixation :
354-4232/33: 144€ VAT excluded
* Delivery time after order: 12 weeks
*Payment conditions: 50% at the order and the rest at the delivery.

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