Wheelchairs at Hospital
You are a nursing, care or retirement home, an institution or a hospital and you want to offer your residents or patients moments of happiness around our concept of mobility and sharing?

Do you want to give your residents a breath of fresh air and allow them to enjoy the outdoors on an adapted E-trike?

Do you want to encourage friends and family to visit their loved ones in an institution more often? Does the idea of bringing the elderly and those with reduced mobility out of their isolation by promoting social and intergenerational contact appeal to you?

Vanelo offers you a solution of electric trikes and different types of maintenance contracts. For a customised solution, please contact us.
You are a tourist attraction, a museum, a hotel, an exhibition centre or a shopping centre.

You are an amusement park, a zoo, a golf course or an abbey and you are looking for low-impact, sustainable and eco-responsible mobility solutions.

Vanelo has solutions for you.
We offer a wide variety of electric bikes and trikes and different types of maintenance contracts to meet your company's challenges. Contact us for a tailor-made solution.
Amusement park rides
Summer time at the festival
You organise concerts and festivals, events such as weddings and team-building,

You are looking for a transport solution between the car park and the event venue, and you are concerned about offering an environmentally friendly solution.

If you are looking to differentiate yourself from others, contact Vanelo, we have electric bike and trike solutions and maintenance contracts for you!
You have long distances to cover between different buildings, you need to transport files or bulky products.
You are concerned about greater integration among your staff and are looking for transport and travel solutions for employees with reduced mobility.
You want an eco-responsible solution, Vanelo solutions exist including adapted bikes and trikes and different types of maintenance contracts. Contact us!
Video conference at company
Abandoned industrial zone
You are part of an industrial site, a port, an industrial zone.

You have long distances to cover between different buildings.

You have to transport or route dangerous products, spare parts, heavy documents from one place to another.

Do you want an eco-responsible solution, adapted E-trikes with a maintenance contract? Tailor-made solutions exist, contact Vanelo!