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The Easy Rider e-tricycle is a tricycle for adults. It has a comfortable seat with adjustable backrest. The forward pedaling motion and the suspension ensure a perfect riding comfort. The Easy rider e-tricycle is extremely easy to handle and has a short turning radius.
The modern aerodynamic design of the Easy Rider gives it a sporty look, thanks to its hydro-formed tubes. Most of the wiring is integrated into the frame. The tricycle features a luggage tray with carrying straps for easy carrying of groceries. the luggage tray slides with the seat, making it easier to shorten the tricycle and store it.
Driewielfiets Easy Rider - Van Raam (12)
Driewielfiets Easy Rider - Van Raam (10)
The Easy Rider is very stable and offers a particular comfort with its low position. It is easier to ride than a conventional bike. With its 78cm width, it fits through a normal door. The Easy Rider is available in Medium and Large sizes, making it suitable for small and large adults.
The electric motor provides comfortable pedaling assistance. it is linked to an application that allows you to view many information about the battery and the bike remotely. For example, you can use the app to view bike routes and see where ypur bike is parked.
Driewielfiets Easy Rider - Van Raam (15)

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